Theory of Hypnosis


What Is it exactly that people under hypnosis feel like? Is this conjecture even real?   Are hypnotized people usually in a different type of space other than the one we are living.   Most people get to see videos of people being hypnotized but have never really been in that state they wonder if this state is even real or a hoax.   There is this debate that hypnotherapy has put on that tries to answer whether this state is real or not.   Well in this debate you get to view the different sides and later come to a conclusion of whether this is usually real or not.

As we all know there is that special state of cognizance which is called the hypnotic state.   When in this state, your mind is believed to be under some spell with increased vulnerability and improvement of ones’ imagination.   Surprisingly, this state involves a number of reality spins such as amnesia and hallucinations.   One has this strange way of recognizing things in real life and so.

the body is under some unintentional reflexes which allows the control of the command one receives.   Theorists supporting hypnosis will uncover this theory of hypnosis with the help of results from EEG even though they currently cannot prove it by any means. If you want to learn more about hypnosis, you can visit

Theorizers of late have been trying to come up with logics which that show the differences between hypnosis and everything else.    Another group of theorists called the none-state theorists have been trying to vehemently dissent the facts that hypnotherapists have been trying to bring.   They believe that all this hypnosis talk and all states of the mind associated with it are just a way of bamboozling the responsiveness of the mind.

They also, believe that it is within the human ability to do or act similar to the experiences associated with ericksonian hypnotism.   This means that the things that are done by hypnotized people could equally be done by people who are not cast under any hypnosis therapy.   All this superficial uncontrolled behavior could still be explained without linking any hypnosis trance to it.   It is clear that these people have at heart the clear intentions of proving that hypnosis is nothing but a mere fantasy.

These theorists even go an extra mile to prove that the differences in response to hypnotic suggestions are mainly because of the patients’ expectations, motivation or even the level of imagination one has.

These are just some points that I think could work to the contradiction of this theory of hypnosis at    In conclusion, who do you believe is right and who do you think is wrong.


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